The Art of Living℠

live the life yoo want
Live the  Life YOO Want


The decision to make a community your home is not predicated solely on the community’s fit, feel and finish; rather it is based on the conveniences, environment and experiences you will enjoy as a resident.  Because of this important factor, Trillist believes your home should do more than just contain your life; it should magnify your life, affording you access to all the things that bring meaning and balance. To that end, Trillist has created The Art of Living℠, a carefully considered program of customized services and selections exclusively for our residents.

The Art of Living at YOO on the Park

Concierge services and fitness programs. Connections to enriching experiences and cultural institutions. Rewards programs tailored to local merchants and restaurants, mutually benefitting both residents and the neighborhoods in which they live. And the little big things, like a cup (or two) or your favorite coffee or juice waiting for you every morning. We strive to keep our ears and eyes open to learn what YOO want brought to your doorstep—what makes you happy?

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